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My life mission is to create and optimise value for society and all its stakeholders. I enjoy helping organizations, executives and above all people in general to make a ’turn around’ in their business (model) or life(style) and a mind shift in their thinking and acting. I love challenging the status quo 🙂

My story

Work wise I have over 25 years of international experience on the edge of business and technology in Financial Services, Consulting, Systems Integration, Software development & Venture Capital. This includes entrepreneurial, c-level, general management & transformational roles in marketing & sales, (strategy)consultancy, software development and program delivery in a range of companies from large technology service providers to marketing driven organizations & from start-up to blue chip companies. Nowadays I am an entrepreneur and operate as a “bedrijvendokter”, so redeveloping, re-purposing and growing existing businesses is my passion. On a personal level I have coached fellow colleagues, business executives and individuals in need for career guidance or a change in life(style). In 2013 I passed my exams as a coach with EMCC certification. Beside work I am a passionate husband and father of two boys. My family means the world to me.

I was fortunate enough to have the rare opportunity of reporting to an executive who is a coach, a mentor and a true empowering leader.
During my role at Transtrack I always admired Roel for his Clarity, Decisiveness, Courage, Passion and the way he inspired and treated every person in his organization. Working with Roel, I recognized how all staff count on his resilience and tenacity as the major assurance to drive and bring the company to the next level!

Money & Blockchain

I am passionate about Money for already 25+ years. It’s all about understanding how money works for me. It all started when I saw clients entering the store of my parents to buy something to be able to pay by card at one of the first pos terminals in NL, I think it was about 1985. Since then I have mostly worked in Finance/IT type of environments and have always been fascinated by the concept of Money and especially how people take it for granted. Blockchain and associated concepts like tokenisation and decentralised finance have my interest at the moment and I am working on Liqwith to develop better ways of funding initiatives and businesses. The same goes for my efforts to support CryptoCommunity, which is about helping people invest in DeFi and staking. On a part-time basis I teach Blockchain/Fintech/Money at Porto Business School. I also do courses for people/teams/groups interested in this space. 


 In 2019 I was contacted by a friend regarding psychedelics and a potential investment. I kindly declined but was intrigued by the potential of magic truffles and concepts like microdosing, mushrooms as superfood and the healing qualities certain mushrooms posses as well as the role the mushrooms play in balancing nature and for example recycling trash/plastics. Please check out initiatives I support in this space XtraPositive and Freshmushrooms as well as foodsporen. I highly recommend to view Fantastic Fungi on Netflix or read any further books from Paul Stamets if interested in this subject..

Let me start by saying that Roel is one of the most outstanding people that I know when it comes to innovation, new technology and applying these to create new business models in order to create value. Roel thrives on these subjects and is very capable of growing new business rapidly with an ambition that is seldom seen. Next to that Roel has a highly strategic and conceptual vision which he is able to apply in various industries and markets. Above all, Roel is inspiring and fun to work with and is respectful towards every individual.


I started boxing when I was 15 years old, and it was a great experience to train like that, be exhausted and more confident as a person by better understanding the potential and limitations of myself. When I started university I replaced boxing for rugby, you can read more about that in the next session. Boxing returned in my life late 30’s again when I think I entered my mid-life crisis…anyway it doesn’t matter what it was as I felt not in the right place and decided to act upon that by quitting smoking, less travel for work, better food and more sports. I went to the local boxing gym and found some great people from all different ages and backgrounds and had a great time again whilst increasing my mental and physical well being. To give back I helped develop boxingskills so recreative boxers have a method of improving and measuring there skills independently going forward. I managed to achieve level 6 a while back. If you’re ever interested in starting the sport, don’t be afraid just find a good gym with a certified trainer like Boksschool Teus de kruyf which is focused in boxing only. O yes, please start following Tony Jeffries, he makes some awesome content on youtube for self learning. 

Roel is one of those rare individuals who has natural way of leading people with a strong focus on giving support if required. He has accepted a difficult role of changing the business model of our division predeceasing a bigger company’s change. The change was successfully delivered thanks to a great determination and passion disclosed by Roel during that process. Roel’s great advantages are accountability, full P&L responsibility and real ‘you can do’ mindset. Moreover, Roel is a professional coach knowing how to work on and develop strong sides of individuals working with him.


I got introduced to the beautiful sport of rugby in 1992, when I studied at Maastricht University and one of my fellow students invited my for a training. Since day 1, I am hooked to the sport! Love and live(d) it! The sport has given me friends for life and some great experiences and personal learnings. The main reason I love it so much is because of the team spirit and fairness of the sport. Fairness comes on a personal level in this sport as well as after the match between teams. There is always respect, singing whilst having a few beers and crazy fun after a match! Fairness also comes as the best team almost always wins given the physical and team aspects of the sport its impossible to play defensive and aim to play a 0-0 game like for example in soccer. In my active period as a player I have played probably  over 200 games (pure estimation) and had a draw only once as far as I can remember. We generally won the 3rd half so I am not sure how many games we have actually won ;-), for sure we promoted once with my team which was an amazing year and awesome celebration. Nowadays MMRC is  a flourishing rugbyclub with solid teams for men, women and children. Happy to have been part of that journey as a player as well as a volunteer in the board of the students team and later as well for MMRC. Many of the people I played with in those days I am still very close with on a personal level. So truly a lifetime of friendships! O yes, besides playing I am also a fan, regularly visiting games in Paris, Cardiff, Dublin, Rome and more! As the Dutch national team is not in the “A league” internationally, I have become a big fan of Wales and South Africa. However I will always want the best team to win!

Roel is an inspirational leader, that takes people by the hand and empowers them to get over their fears and deliver. Especially in these uncertain times its exciting to work with people like Roel who always turn a negative into a positive and see one door close and open another. Roel also walks the talk

Society 4.0

 Since a number of years I have been more and more intrigued by entrepreneurship and the beauty or ugliness it can bring to local society’s and the people living there. In my work ethical aspects have become more and more important, triggered by the moment I became father, as I want to leave a world behind me that is better than when I arrived :-). Over the years I have seen and witnessed the world turn more and more global driven by technological changes and possibilities. This is good in many ways, but it also has a downside I started to notice. For example in some regions we see just an ageing population and less and less young people and economic/social activities. Also I noticed people are so busy nowadays that they leave (very) important life decisions up to government, especially in the Western world. Also some companies have become so big that their terms and conditions are often conflicting with laws of countries. Anyway, I am more of a doer than a thinker so I decided to contact like minded people and one of them is Professor Bob de Wit with whom I have co-founded cooperative movement Society 4.0 which aims to develop more autonomy in regions in NL, Europe and beyond. Together we have written the book “Regio 4.0” available via this link. If interested to learn more or book me as a speaker on the subject of Society/Regio 4.0 and regional society’s please email and/or check out

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